SEO Strategies

There is no ‘big secret’ to develop successful SEO strategies. Most of the work is done before a single page goes live on your website. At Copious Media we create a plan from start to finish that will drive the results your business is seeking. The process involves three simple steps.

Step One is the most important part of any successful SEO strategy, and that step is keyword research. For this to work your business needs to target keywords that describe your business. In addition to describing your business, the keywords you target should attract your the type of customer you want to transact with. Contrary to what many people think initially, if you target a specific niche audience it will be easier to drive traffic.

Step two involves creating content. This is not the kind of content that gets used with a digital advertising campaign. With digital advertising you want an enticing landing page. When you are creating SEO content you want to provide information of value to your visitor. A strong SEO campaign will help your brand gain authority and credibility with your website visitor.

Step three is when you begin promoting your content. Writing a post about your topic and watching traffic roll rarely happens. In other words, the internet is filled with valuable content that is easily found through search engines. You need to promote your content to the search engines and other resources to gain organic traffic. For instance, a page with information helpful to small businesses should be promoted on a site like LinkedIn. Also, make sure you include the page on your XML sitemap. This is because Google Search Console finds new pages on your site from the sitemap.

SEO Strategies for Small Business

The SEO strategies developed at Copious Media are proven across all business types. We specialize in helping companies with revenues under $10M. Our SEO strategies work for any business type and size, but as a small business ourselves we find it much easier to help other companies of a similar size.


Most importantly, your SEO strategies should be unique to your business. What works for a pet supply company will not necessarily work for a law firm. This is exactly why small businesses hire digital marketing firms to create their SEO strategy. Copious Media Group is happy to provide an estimate of cost for your next SEO campaign.